A big thank you!

We’re now safely back home in London but we wanted to put together one last post for our blog.

The main reason for this is that we would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our friends and family who made this trip possible. We really have had the trip of a lifetime and we couldn’t have done this without your generosity. We would also like to thank Amtrak for providing great service on all our train rides across America and for featuring us on their blog. It was great fun!

We were summarising our trip yesterday and thought it would be fun to share some of our thoughts.

Favourite city visited: 

Mike – Washington DC, Becca – San Francisco

Things we have learnt:

  1. If you order an apple cider you will be disappointed
  2. The characters in Family Guy exist in real life
  3. A decent cup of tea is very hard to find in America
  4. Public transport in America is actually very good
  5. The UK is expensive
  6. The UK is crowded

Best train ride: Empire Builder – runs from Chicago to Seattle

Best train crew: Capitol Ltd from Washington DC to Chicago

Best museum: Mike – Newseum, Washington DC; Becca – Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago

Worst museum: International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago – seriously random

Most random moment: A man standing like a statue in the middle of Market Street in San Francisco on Thanksgiving Day morning

Best art gallery: Art Institute, Chicago

Best tourist attraction: Washington DC memorials and monuments

Best burger: Blue Moon burger, Seattle

Best breakfast: EJ’s Luncheonette, NYC

Best dinner: Barbette’s Bistro, Minneapolis

Best accommodation: Paschale’s Washington DC apartment

Best public transport system: San Francisco

Most confusing map: New York subway map

Thanks for following our blog!

Becca & Mike xx



2 thoughts on “A big thank you!

  1. This was all very interesting. I have friends who live in Southend, about 40 miles East of London who have never been to the US, and I am going to suggest they read this blog to get an idea of what America is like, and how a couple from the UK saw it. Your observations make me take a closer look at my own country and realize how great it really is. One minor comment…you give the impression that all sleeping accommodations on the double-deck Superliners are as small as the Roomette you occupied. There are Double Bedrooms that are more expensive, but are bigger and have a private bath and shower. There is also a Family Bedroom on the lower level that will accommodate up to five people and a handicapped accessible bedroom, also on the lower level. People who use Roomettes have to use public toilets on the lower level, but there are two showers there for them as well. I liked your “Best Of” list and plan to keep a copy of it for future reference as I travel. I also have made notes on some of the places you visited and things you saw you particularly liked. The photographs were well done, although one of you has a lean to the right when taking a picture. Thanks for sharing your honeymoon with us, and come back and see us often. With the warmest regards, Ric Morgan

  2. i’m so happy you enjoyed your trip! i was quite nostalgic reading your blog and longed for the same museums, food, and subways. not the same as an ex-pat over here. i agree about the tea in the states: it’s crap. although the kwaaafee (nyc accent) is great. i’m surprised you thought the best public transport was in sf; the map is easiest to read in sf but it’s not a complicated system at all and it’s incredibly expensive, probably the most in the states. looking forward to seeing you in person and discussing! X

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