Day 10 – Chicago

We’re now halfway through our trip and still most of the travelling is yet to be done!

It was our last full day in Chicago today and we really did a lot! We had a HUGE breakfast at Yolk on South Michigan Avenue before heading to the Museum of Chicago and Industry. This was an excellent, very interactive museum. Exhibits included anatomy (including dissecting a cow’s eyeball!), trains, planes, and a German U-505. For some reason there were about 50 decorated Christmas trees in the foyer and Christmas music was blaring out. We think it had something to do with a Walt Disney exhibition that was on in the museum.




We then jumped on the bus up to the Art Institute of Chicago which is really close to where we are staying on N Michigan Avenue. The gallery has a great collection of impressionist paintings.



In the evening we went to see a Chicago Bulls basketball game at the United Center. They were playing the Charlotte Bobcats and won with a low score of 86-81. The game started with singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ and a moments silence for the tornado victims. There was more padding that actual game play with time-outs, half-time shows, competitions etc. It was all very surreal and very American, but it was great fun! 


We are heading off on an 8 hour train journey tomorrow afternoon to Minneapolis. We are unlikely to post again on our blog for a few days – after spending a night in Minneapolis we get on the epic Empire Builder train from Minneapolis to Seattle which takes 3 days and there is no wifi on the train as it spends most of its time in the middle of nowhere. I’m sure we’ll have lots of tales to tell after that journey!

Much love, Becca x


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