Day 5 – Smithsonian, DC

A very cold bright day today. Luckily we spent most of the day inside exploring a couple of the Smithsonian museums. We took the metro down towards the Madison Drive area. For some reason the metro stinks of hot rubber, which is pretty gross. We arrived in town before the museums were open so we took a walk along to the Capitol Hill area.


We decided to visit two of the museums – there are 19 of them in total – the first being the Air and Space Museum. The best exhibition in this museum was the one about the Wright brothers which includes the Wright Flyer – the plane they used in 1903 for their first flight.



We had lunch at the American Indian museum – you could everything from alligator to buffalo. We stuck to safer options!

We spent the afternoon in the Natural History Museum (of Night at the Museum fame). There was one exhibition which particularly stood out called ‘Written in Bone’. This was about forensic archaeology and the discovery of the bodies in Jamestown (the first English settlement in America). Mike was particularly interested in this – there was a lot of pathology involved. We also held some creepy crawlies in the entomology gallery.


We met a friend that we used to sing with in the evening for a ‘pub night’, which was really good. 

All in all we have been really impressed with DC so far. People have been so polite and friendly – it’s been great!

An early night needed tonight – planning another action-packed day tomorrow.

Becca x




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