Day 2 – NYC

Quotes of the day – 

“I’m having a waffle baby”

“You have not experienced NYC until you have poured ketchup over yourself”

“We’ll both have scurvy by the time we get home”

Woke up to a glorious morning on upper west side and in central park, where dogs outnumber humans by around 3:1. After protecting the bird lady from the cat burglers, and setting up a blossoming romance at the ice skating rink we made it to the East side – where dogs outnumber humans by 5:1 and the apartments have awnings at the entrance.  



Thanks to Afshin for her recommendation for breakfast – EJ’s diner on East 73rd and 3rd Ave. The bagels and waffles are intense – and there is nowhere to hide when the maple syrup turns up.


Then uptown to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where police officers are on high alert for any suspicious behaviour….


(Don’t worry – the gun this nice policeman is carrying is actually a water pistol, no-one would be silly enough to allow live firearms on the streets of a metropolitan city)

The Met museum has some fantastic exhibits, including Ancient Greek and Roman artifacts and historical musical instruments. A few blocks down from the Met is the Frick collection which, until January, is hosting an exhibition of Flemish paintings from the Hague – including Vermeer’s infamous Girl with the Pearl Earring. The permanent collection is equally impressive and includes the portraits of Thomas More and Thomas Cromwell by Hans Holbein – and works by Thomas Gainsborough, John Constable and J M W Turner. 

Then to the midtown and the cream of art-deco architecture – the Empire State Building which, for no apparent reason was deserted – with 10 people waiting in the queue for the lift. The view at the top is well worth the trip. 



Dinner at John’s Pizzeria (West 44th and 8th Ave) – we were very nearly beaten over the head by a calzone….


Love to all,

Mike x


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