Day 1 – “welcome to the free world”

After a lot of talking about this trip we are actually here in the US! Amtrak adventure here we come!

We flew into JFK from Heathrow with Virgin Atlantic, We had a great flight. It felt long but we both watched 3 films back to back to fill most of the time. We both recommend watching the Great Gatsby if you get a chance – really interesting soundtrack in particular. 





At JFK we were met with a HUGE queue for immigration which we stood in for more than an hour. When it was our turn at the desk we were asked loads of questions – are you married? why are you here? what do you do for a living? (Mike got a particularly interesting look when he told the guy he was a pathologist!) where are you staying? etc etc Had our fingerprints scanned and photos taken and were then on our way. Mike then turned to me with a raised eyebrow saying “welcome to the free world”.

Thanks to Afshin for giving us advice on how to get from JFK to where we are staying (Upper West Side) – we sailed through buying a metrocard although had a few moments with the subway where we weren’t sure we were actually waiting at the correct platform. The subway map is really confusing and there are weekend engineering works going on which really isn’t helping us right now. We made it to the apartment in one piece and were let in by the owner (Vlad). It’s a great apartment just three doors down from Central Park, which we are going to explore in the morning.

Dinner was grabbing whatever we could from Trader Joe’s supermarket on 72nd Street/Broadway.

A much needed sleep is now required! Soooo tired.

We’re going to attempt to blog each evening if we can. There’ll be more to talk about tomorrow once we’ve actually done something other than sitting on a plane all day! 

Becca x



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